PhidgetSBC3 and D-Link DWA-160

> There’s actually a much easier way of doing this. Just `apt-get install firmware-linux-free` and boom! You get the carl9170 firmware and the DWA-160 is recognized.

I recently got my hands on a [PhidgetSBC3]( and plugged a [D-Link DWA-160]( into and found that it already had support built into the kernel but it had an error. So I went searching in the `/lib/firmware` directory and saw there was no `carl9170-1.fw` file. So I downloaded and when I plugged the DWA-160 back in it worked and correctly showed up in the web interface. Installing it is very easy:

apt-get install curl -y
curl -L > /lib/firmware/carl9170-1.fw

PhidgetSBC2 and D-Link DWA-160

So I’ve had a little project going on with the foosball table at work: a system to detect when someone scores a goal. I’ve built a prototype photogate that goes inside of the goal. My design is to have 2 photogates hooked up to my [PhidgetSBC2]( and write some ruby code to detect a goal and send a message to a connected iPad app to indicate who scored. Everything was going fine until I took the PhidgetSBC2 to our foosball table and discovered our 2.4GHz network had no coverage there. Which means the [wifi usb adapter]( I had for the PhidgetSBC2 was useless. Undeterred I started on 2 different solutions.

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