PhidgetSBC2 Interactive C# Shell

One cool package for playing around with your phidget(s) is mono-csharp-shell which gives you an interactive C# shell (with tab completion). apt-get install -y mono-csharp-shell Once the package is installed, you can open it with csharp but just like with gmcs we have to include the reference to the Phidget library. csharp -r:Phidget21.NET.dll

Missing Namespaces on PhidgetSBC2’s Mono

Since we cannot install mono-complete on the PhidgetSBC2 currently, we are missing some of the C# namespaces. If you are trying to use any of the following namespaces and gmcs cannot find it, you will have to install the respective package. Namespace Package Mono.Data libmono-data2.0-cil System.Data libmono-system-data2.0-cil System.Data.Linq libmono-system-data-linq2.0-cil System.DirectoryServices libmono-system-ldap2.0-cil System.Messaging libmono-system-messaging2.0-cil System.Runtime libmono-system-runtime2.0-cil […]